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Do’s and Dont’s for Tourists

Andaman Vacations, 29 Jan 2020



●DO visit the islands with a pre-planned package preferably through a reliable tour operator for a hassle-free tour experience. [The Logistics will not be an easy job]

●DO contact the tourist information centers in the islands if any travel assistance is required.

●DO follow traffic rules during self-drive. Keep left. Do carry legal documents like driving license, permit, passport, etc.

●Do ensure that both rider and pillion rider wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler to avoid fines/penalties.

●DO consult lifeguards before entering the sea. There are sudden depth in some places as such follow the instructions of lifeguard strictly.

●DO Swim in safe areas only.

●DO use the dustbins and garbage receptacles for disposing of all garbage and rubbish. Please help keep the Andaman Islands litter-free.

●DO get the necessary permits for visiting National Parks.

●DO be sensitive and respect the privacy of the tribes, any attempt for interaction is punishable by law.

●DO take notice of notice boards at all attraction spots regarding permission for photography and video filming and wherever required please obtain these permits for taking video films and photographs.

●DO avail the services of only qualified Scuba Dive Instructors having certification of international professional organizations like PADI, CMAS, NAUI, BSAC or SSI for a safe driving experience.

●DO inform local authorities/staff positioned in protected areas in case you notice any undesirable activity.

●DO take care to stay within the permitted areas while snorkeling or scuba diving.


●DO NOT spit paan/ gutka. Keep our Bharat swatch.

●DO NOT smoke in public areas.

●DO NOT litter parks, beaches, sea or public places.

●DO NOT use plastic bags as these are banned in Andaman Islands. Avoid fines/imprisonment/both.

●DO NOT hunt any kind of birds and animals. Please help us preserve the flora and fauna of the Islands.

●DO NOT visit the Nicobar Islands or any other tribal reserve without a special pass. You can be severely punished for an attempt to mingle with tribal people without legal permission.

●DO NOT stay on beaches and forest areas overnight where night stay is strictly prohibited.

●DO NOT break, or touch a live coral as this is prohibited. Collecting dead coral is also not allowed.

●Taking/touching/collecting shells is strictly prohibited. You can buy them but do keep proper receipt of purchase.

●DO NOT stand on coral reef.

●DO NOT photograph or videograph the aboriginal tribes of Andaman. This is a punishable under A & N PAT Regulation, 1956.

●DO NOT swim when drunk.

●DO NOT swim during the monsoon in treacherous zones.

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